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Spacious & Bright


There are three classrooms, which are all equiped with modern teaching equipment such as computers and which are completely interchangeable between serving as either a classroom or a general activity room.

Rooms Mont Blanc and Roc d’Enfer have a capacity of 30 pupils and Pointe de Nyon for 28.  

Photo - Salle de classe Pointe de la Gay

"Old Fashioned" Classroom:

The " old fashioned " classroom is equiped with old school desks that are redesigned, computers, mixed veleda / chalk boards, educational books and a map of our beautiful region.

All rooms are modular in Activity Rooms.

Photo - Classe Roc d'Enfer
Photo - Ordinateur avec logiciels Ubuntu version 12.04LTS


During winter the garage is heated in order to dry off all of your ski equiments.

However during Spring and Summer, we use it to organise tournaments of pingponga and baby foot. 

Photo - Garage baby foot ping pong