Echo des MontagnesWhat to see/to do around the holiday camp
AccueilEcho des MontagnesWhat to see/to do around the holiday camp
Mountain activities at L'Echo des Montagnes
Our most beautiful playgroud is Nature

Come on holiday and play in the beautiful surroundings of the area

Photo - Centre de vacances et tente

There is around 5000 square meters of land for you to enjoy safely and explore during your stay.

What could possibly be better than an outdoor class to fully enjoy the surrounding nature?

Photo - Soirée apiculteur en classe de découverte

In the evenings we encourage you to share your memories and experiences in the chalet


Interested in sampling a selection of locally produced honey products and learning more about the life cycle of bees? Dominique the bee keeper is on hand to offer you such goods and information.

Photo - Soirée contée au centre de vacances

Eric our mountain guide is able to lead you on a virtual hike through the Chablais and educate tell you on the local flaura and funa you might come across while exploring the mountains.

Photo - Diaporama faune et flore Classe de découverte