ActivitiesNew: Theme Stay 2017
AccueilActivitiesNew: Theme Stay 2017

"Treasures of the Middle Age" 

children from the ages of 8 to 11
Travel back in time with the help of donkeys!
MORNING Arrive at the end of the morning / Settlement Visit of the museum  center of interpretation Hiking day with donkeys Activity of "The Mastermind Measures and construction" Orientation race
NOON picnic brought by the group Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
AFTERNOON visit of the beekeeper Activity "copyist monk" "following the footsteps of St Guérin" Visit of the Museum Musique mécanique in les Gets  
DINNER        mediaeval banquet and a fortified castle cake !  
Evening     Mediaeval wood games     

Hiking day: The chalet is your starting poin; lets go on a trail with donkeys on the footsteps of Saint Guérin, a famous monk from the Valley.
During your activity "The copyist Monk" You will discover the mediaevals writting tools.

The activity "Le maître d'oeuvre, mesures et constructions": you will discover techniques of construction used during the middle age.

The Orientation race and the discovery of the treasure from the middle ages: are activities that are great for children,team building and it's great fun, it allows them to be creative and build there sense of direction.

Mediaeval Wood Games: 


Children from the ages of 8 to 11
Holiday rich in manipulation and experiences to discover in a fun way the waters cycle.
MORNING Arrive at the end of the morning / settlement 1/2 day Hiking tour of the Pointe de Tréchauffé Guided visit les Gorges du Pont du Diable  Hiking day: From col de la Joux verte to the Montriond lake 1/2 day hiking 
"La rivière nous a dit"( the river told us)
NOON picnic in backpack lunch lunch lunch lunch
AFTERNOON activity creating Water Mill testing of the Water Mills in the river Activity "The water cycle" visit of the hydroelectric dams of the Jotty

Rally photo Seytroux at 1930 à nos jours
  departure in the start of the afternoon 
DINNER        buffet for the end of the trip with a cake "water cycle"  
EVENING   Diaporama: avalanches and the search of victims (AVS)      
Gorges du Pont du Diables: visit of the Gorges, an exceptional environement, with notably the rock slide that gave birth to the famous Pont du Diable! It is a great way for children to locate themselves in time and space relying on this natural site.

Discovering the path of the water in nature, the changing of water and it's different forms..

the activity "cycle de l'eau" with a model : discover water erosion and water resources, infiltration and circulation of water in soils, groudwater, principles of water protection. Visit of the Jotty hydroelectric dam. 

Rally Photo: Papy Marius, before his departure for America,decided to leave us a chest with photos of the village as it was in his days. will we be able to find him?
An activity combining fun, creativity and a sense of direction. Under the responsibility of the teacher.

Tréchauffex: a wonderful slide show on the whole of the Lake of Geneva : plateau Gavot, lake franco-suisse and chain of Jura.

Discovering the world, observing the landscape surrounding you. The history of the men here, between mineral waters and alpine pastures, is embedded in the history of relief.

The river has told us": boots on, magnifying glasses in hand, let's go explore the ecosystem of the river: boat race.. nature outing approached in a playful and experimental way focused on the discovery of the river, the torrent, of the water cycle.

Construction of water mills and testing them in the river: Kit provided, activity under the responsibility of the teacher. 

Hiking day to the Lake of Montriond : discovery of the hillside reservoir of the Lindarets and its snow factory, waterfalls of Brochaux and Ardent then arrival at the biggest lake of altitude of Haute Savoie cf pedagogique sheet. 

"Blue Class" 

Children from the ages of 4 to 9

Stay focued on building school-based knowledge: Swimming skills
MORNING arrival late morning / installation class
pool session
Activity beekeeping
Pool session
Pool session
Pool session
NOON picnic in backpack        
AFTERNOON Pool session pool session
Activity Land Art
Pool session
Educational trail using a magnifying glass in Seytroux
Pool session
Rally Photo "seytroux from 1930 to nowadays"

Pool session: monitored by 1 lifeguard, supervised by your care
Beekeeping: Dominique, the apiary of the briffes, will come andpresent the life of his bees and their hive. Sale of bee Products.
Rally Photo: Papy Marius, before his departure for America, decided to leave us a chest with the photos of the village as it was in his days. Will we be able to find him? An activity combining fun, creativty and a sense of direction. Under the responsibility of the teacher.

"Javotte the Marmot" 

Children from the ages of 4 to 6 - Kindergarden
Discover the marmots in their natural environment. Chamois and mouflons being elaborated, you are at the rendez-vous!
  DAY 1 DAY 2
MORNING Arrival late morning and installation Land Art and wakening of sense
NOON picnic in backpack Lunch at the Chalet
AFTERNOON Hiking " In the footsteps of Javotte" Stroll "the murmurs of the forest"
This stay covers the following themes:
  • Becoming a student
  • To locate yourself in space
  • Discover writting
  • Perceive, feel, immagine, create
  • Discover the living
  • Discover objects
  • Discover the material 
  • Discover quantities and numbers

"Clovis the little novice or the abbey of the little ones" 

Children from the ages of 4to 6 - Kindergarden

An original and playful way to approach the Middle Ages with all the little ones!
  DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3
MORNING Arrival / installation Activity Baking Bread 
Happiness is in the mess!
Hiking "The river has told us "
NOON Picnic in the backpack  Lunch at the chalet Lunch at the Chalet or Picnic
AFTERNOON Activity Clovis the little novice  continue the activity of baking bread 
Game of Giant Gargote
  • "Clovis, the little novice" - Discovery area of the Vallée d'Aulps 
  • During the seven small activities stimulating their sense, the children will be sensitized to the monastic life.
  • Activity "Happiness is in the mess": Pascal will come with his mobile bread oven; making French bread will no longer have secrets for children !
  • Games of Gargote: giant mediaeval wooden games, requiering skills
  • "The river has told us", 1/2 day of hiking framed by two mountain guide. Boots on their feet, magnifying glasses in their hands, let us go and investigate the bed of the river by examining the traces, small animals and the ore of the wetlands.
  • Additional activity: manufacturing butter (2€ / child)