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Morzine Haute Savoie:
Shared accommodation

Collective accommodation does not necessarily mean uniformity
All rooms are decorated and equipped with colorful duvets, however they are unique in terms of their layout and their decoration. We offer you a cozy atmosphere for small and big dreamers ...
Children feel at home instantly and manage to spot their bedrooms quickly thanks to our naming system.


All the rooms on the 1st floor of our collective accommodation bear a name of flowers that are found in our mountains : Edelweiss, Crocus, Colchique, Bleuet, Campanule.
The rooms on the 2nd floor bear the name of an animal present in the Alps : Aigle, Marmotte, Chamois, Mouflon, Bouquetin.
The children's rooms are equipped with beds of 1,70m.
Each child has its own storage space.


The collective accommodation in the annex building has just been completely redesigned for the reception "all public" (beds of standard size, small units with sanitary ...)
Creation of 9 rooms including 2 PRM (people with reduced mobility) with private bathrooms.
For your comfort: Adults are accommodated in double or single rooms, cleaning is provided daily and beds are made upon arrival.
 To facilitate your stay, you will find below the distribution of beds per floor.
Please send us an email if you decide to stay with us to ensure you get the bedrooms you wish to have. We thank you in advance !
  • FIRST FLOOR: Download the distribution by room of the children of the 1st floor
  • SECOND FLOOR: Download the distribution by room of the children of the 2nd floor
  • APPENDIX: Download the apportioned children's room distribution

Photo - Campanule : pour être dans sa bulle ...
Photo - La chambre des bleuets : les petits farfadets
Photo - La chambre crocus : pour avoir du tonus
Photo - La plus bucolique, la chambre colchique
Photo - Annexe chambre NIflon
Photo - La chambre Niflon pour le plein d'émotions
Photo - La chambre Belle Plagne, la plus belle des montagnes
Photo - La chambre des montagnes : Belle Plagne
Photo - img-4167-366
Photo - Seytrouset et ses lits douillets