Echo des MontagnesThe team
Photo - Christelle, gérante du centre de vacances

Let our team pamper you


Christelle is the Chalet director 

She has worked previously as a real estate agent and financial advisor she now supervises and organises the kitchen staff so that they operate smoothly. She loves hiking and travelling.

Her words : l'Echo des Montagnes is a small traditional family run business that takes great pride in the cachet we have been awarded. Our team will look after you with the attention and service you deserve.



Photo - Jeannine and Jean

Jeannine and Jean, since 1964

Her parents retired in 2000... but they still can be seen helping out daily around the chalet as they have a passion for the business.

Jeannine can be seen doing the laundry or helping out  in the kitchen wherease Jean is the handyman and loves gardening but most of all they love caring for their grandson Timéo.

Photo - img-6797-414

Gérald, the chef : friendly and efficient working since december 2008 !

He has a degree in traditional cuisine and his interests include working on his car, snowboarding and travelling, he is currently restauring an old farm. He makes sure to serve you the best meals and always uses fresh products for your satisfaction.

Photo - Mélissa, employée au centre de vacances Echo des Montagnes

Lidia, Your Chalet Host always helping out to ensure the smooth running of the chalet.

Lidia arrived at l'Echo in december 2014 and has taken a lot of responsibilities. She secondes Christelle. Her main responsibilities are organising the staffs plannings, taking care of the childrens well being and is also one of the house keepers. 

Her words: I am 24, I have for a long time worked in cities and couldn't be happier to be back in the fresh air of our mountains. I love travelling, animals and creative leisures. 

Photo - Gemma, collaboratrice au centre de vacances Echo des montagnes

Joelle, a bubbly women always there to help you out.

She lives in the vallee next door at La Chapelle d'Abondance. She has left her parisienne life to come here and work as a seasonaire.

She does the house keeping as well as the waitressing and is always here to help you out, so don't hesitate to ask her anything.

She loves music from the 80's.

Photo - sarah-412

Justine, our latest addition to our team. 

She lives in Thonon les Bains, she loves nature and it's landscapes ! She is very caring and loves working with children. She is also a house keeper, she takes care of the laundry and does the waitressing.

Just like Lidia she has done trainning in painting, they are very creative and are now the painters of the Chalet and are ready to serve you.

Sidney our kitchen Assistant 

Originally from the south-east of France, Sidney is 29 years old, he has many tricks up his sleeve: host, entertainer, singer and composer! 
he helps out our head chef Gérald in the kitchen to insure that you get the best meals possible.

His words: I have for a long time been an assistant in the kitchens, I like meeting new people, I love music, nature and sports, the montagnes seems to be the ideal setting..